Saturday, August 20, 2011


You have heard it said, you need the Independent voter in order to win elections.  fact or fiction ?   

INDEPENDENT, What does this really mean?  Independent voters do not vote based upon principles but the mood of the electorate. Kinda like voting for the winning team, as long as they are winning.  We all know people like this in life and business.

Independents do not join a cause until they believe they are on the winning side.  This is why they can not be persuaded directly, but must be persuaded indirectly by igniting the Conservative "Team"...  Then the Independents will follow.

BY THE NUMBERS,  If we look strictly at the number of voters and voter turnout. In most elections Conservatives just need to get their side motivated to show up to the polls. Conservatives can win and not just once but keep winning election after election, until Conservative values and principles dominate the elected bodies.

EXAMPLE,  In the recent election in the 36th Congressional District, There were 38,624 votes for the Conservative Craig Huey, but there were 95,758 registered Republicans. The liberal received 42,000 votes so clearly the Conservatives could have won this election with their numbers. In the last general election the Republican turnout was 66,706 votes.  As you can see Republicans can win by the numbers but they must get their voters to the polls and the Independents will follow.

TIME AND RESOURCES;  With a limited amount of time and resources, conservatives should spend their energy connecting to their like minded voter and getting them to the polls. 

The only thing that matters on election day is which side get's the most votes.

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