Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Republicans Trying to HOLD on To POWER

Dejavu ~  Am I in a nightmare or the twilight zone...  Is it 1994?  No it's 2010, 16 years have passed since the Contract with America by Newt Gingrich.  It seems to me Americans have fallen into a pattern of allowing politicians to become conservative every two years at re-election time and return to their old ways once the are back in Washington. 

Well, like I said it's 2010 and things are different. 

WE THE PEOPLE -  Are returning to our rightful position as the leaders of this Republic.  We are learning about the Constitution and the founding principles of our Republic. (Read Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution)  We are awakening to the fact that the Federal government is supposed to have limited powers as stated in the constitution and if any person want to go to congress to represent us they must believe and commit to hold true to these principles. 

WE ARE FREE - America is great because we had a form of government which was self-government, ruled by law and not by the whims of man, but we have become a nation that now has a political ruling class that believes they know better how to manage our lives.  They stay in power for 30, 40 years and longer, exempting themselves from the rules which they impose upon us the little people.

POLITICAL CLASS MENTALITY -  Both parties have come to believe it is their responsibility to take care of us and solve our life problems, to take from another district or state to give to the people they represent, if they are all doing the same thing we as a Nation are consuming ourselves.  Imagine if you operated your families finances by the same principles, each person in your family tried to be first to the money to buy the things they wanted, so in order to keep living that way, your family just keeps borrowing every month to maintain the life each of them wants. Concerned only about themselves and will not change their ways and do what's best for the family.

CONSTITUTIONAL VALUES - NOT POLITICAL PARTIES -  The Republican have not yet figured out we are no longer on their side, we are demanding they choose our side or get out of the way...  We have already shown a number of them the door and if they continue to pursue their Unconstitutional proposals, even if they are smaller than the liberals.  They will still be rejected by "WE THE PEOPLE"

REMOVE A 30 YEAR INCUMBENT -  David Dreier has been in congress far too long and it is time to fire him.  Remember he stood with the Republican majorities since 1980 and allowed social security to be pillaged and grew the size of the government under their version of limited government.

Vote for the founding version of limited government, by electing David MILLER for congress, go to and sign up to help us get the message out and contribute, so that the people of the 26th District in California have a choice.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Biblical Political World View by David Miller

There is a relationship that we as people have with God, which is that of individual freedom, to believe in Him, to follow Him, to obey Him or NOT,  It is our choice.

God does not make us do anything, however He does create an atmosphere in which we can live. God gives us oxygen, the sun, water and we are blessed by his protection of our human lives.

God does not take by force our possessions and give them to others. It is because of His goodness and our blessings, that we can choose to freely help others, when we find them in need.

God has established a system of truth, which we must adhere to or we will have consequences, such as gravity, we all know this to be true, if anyone of us jumped off the empire state building, we would die, gravity does not discriminate, neither does any of God’s other truths. Thou shall not steal, lie etc.

This is essentially the same relationship we are to have with our government. Our government was designed to be run by common laws “Laws of Nature” and not of men. Because the laws of God do not change, the whims of men do.

The Federal Government was established to secure our freedoms, our possessions from being taken from us by anyone, foreign or domestic. The fact that we could not be owned by another, well having to work until sometime in may, to pay for the expenditures of the federal government, so they can give our money to other people or nations, makes us slaves and is directly in contradiction to our founding principles.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness “ The original draft of the constitution, stated life, liberty and property. No other person has a right to the property of another, no matter what the cause. Just as you cannot go into another man’s home and take his things so you can pay for a critical surgery, the law of truth cannot be suspended for one man’s convenience.

The Truth that we have not kept; and why we have politicians in power, who do not hold to protecting the God given rights we have been given by God and our founding fathers.

That truth is, we have given our God given liberty over to the government and have asked them to do for us what we used to pray to God for; strength, courage, security, and provisions.

We were dependent upon God to be our provider, now we are dependent upon government for our security, “THEY” should provide, healthcare, childcare, a safety net, etc. Who are “THEY” ? If we allow the possessions of a man to be taken and given to another, for a cause, then we should not be surprised when it finally reaches us and we are asked to give for yet another noble cause.

As more and more people begin thinking, if “they” are getting something for nothing, that is not fair, where is my something, I don’t have to work for. So we all begin to produce less for ourselves and ask more from “others”.

Well the irony is, we are “they” the “others”. We are consuming ourselves…

If God is truly our provider, then why do we as believers continue to vote for people based upon their party affiliation, their chances of winning?

God will provide for us the right leaders, if we seek Him. We should be voting for people for how their beliefs line up with our biblical views, we should be voting for men who pledge to uphold truth and let God decide who wins.

To Hold up God’s Truths;

Cast your vote for and send financial support to

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Many people are not aware that social security went into the red for the first time in 1959 and paid out 1.27billion more than it took in.  Since the inception of social security, the money collected from the US citizen through their paycheck has been given to the federal treasury to pay for the annual federal deficit spending.

Since Social Security was enacted in 1935, 75 years ago, the Federal government has had a budget deficit 59 out of 75 years, that's 78% of the time.  Just think,  if you ran a budget in your home that needed balanced by borrowing for 78% of your spending, this means you are only paying for 22% of what you are buying, wouldn't be long before you went bankrupt.

Today if Social Security was never raided by our politicians, would have 2.41 Trillion dollars in the trust fund and that number is without interest, compounded interest for those 75years I'm sure would put the fund at between 7.5 - 12 trillion dollars.  The politicians who enacted this, never intended on saving this money for the future, they just wanted to create a slush fund that they could use to keep spending and giving political favors, to stay in power.

As soon as "We The People"  figure out that the ponzi scheme is over, we will remove those who have kept the ponzi scheme going all these years, both Incumbent Democrats and Republicans.

I have a suggestion for how we can begin the process of stopping the ponzi scheme.  I am 46 years of age and do not expect to get S.S. when I stop working, if ever.  I would like to pass legislation allowing those who are willing to opt out of S.S. and willingly sign over any "rights" or claim they may have on future benefits or claims against any deposits made into Social Security.

If at 65-70, I am unable to provide for myself, I will have my children and family help and if they can't, I will ask the church to help and if they can't, I will trust that God will send manna from heaven, but as for the STATE - LEAVE ME ALONE...

If you want to be part of restoring our Government to a Constitutional Republic as intended by the Founding Fathers, Please support our candidates at and   Please contribute to help us get our message out through signs, mailings and billboards...

So-Called Conservatives

Why So-Called Conservatives are a bigger reason for the demise of our Republic, than progressives.   Our Republic stands at a time in history, not unlike 1776.  We must ask the question as the governed,  will we be a limited government, ruled by the governed or a stateist government, ruled by a class of people, ruled by men or ruled by law. 

The progressives have wanted for about 100 years to take us down the road to socialism, where the state controls the econmy through legislation and tax code.  Progressives are fighting for what they believe in.

The so-called conservatives like David Dreier; Dreier, has been in office for (30) thirty years, telling us how he is for limited government, but I think we have a different definition of limited government. He means smaller than the Democrats, smaller regulation, smaller or different targeted tax cuts or for a differnet special interest group.  When I mean limited government, I mean Constitutionally stated in the Constitution ~Article 1 Section 8, specific powers given to the Federal Government by the states, and the Bill of Rights; areas the Federal government cannot infringe upon.  

The so-called Conservative have been taking us down the same road, but at a slower pace.  Under the Republican Congresses, Social Security has been used to pay for big government programs, when in power they have run up our national debt, kept unconstitutional programs and departments.   So why do we believe their policies are any different, because it's for our friends or our special interest

The role of a Federal representative is to go to congress and defend our life, liberty and property from being taken for the benefit of another, and anytime we pass a law that favors one group over another, we are not following our Constitution as intended by our Founders.

We expect our enemy to be against us, but when those who call you a friend, but betray you and your values.

Well, as the saying goes, with friends like that, who needs Enemies


Here is David Drier's voting record...


Vote to pass a bill that provides assistance for anti-drug programs in Mexico and Central America through 2010 and authorizes $1.54 billion

Vote to pass a bill that allows the Secretary of the Treasury to purchase troubled assets from financial institutions, with a total outstanding balance of up to $700 billion

Vote to pass a bill that extends emergency unemployment compensation authorized by the Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2008 (HR 2642).

Vote to pass a bill that provides vouchers for trading in eligible older vehicles for new vehicles with better fuel efficiency. "Cash For Clunkers" 1 & 2

Extending Federal Emergency Unemployment Benefits and Providing Business and Homebuyer Tax Credits 

Maintains funding levels at $7.51 billion for 2009 to fund loans of up to $25 billion in total principal for automobile manufacturers and component suppliers 



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Democrats, Republicans or Americans

Are We Democrats, Republican or Americans?  In 2010 we find ourselves asking the question, what are we fighting for?, who are we upset with?, who made this mess?  I think I have the answer, you and I made this mess.  We have allowed for years the two major political parties to control the national conservation and pit us against one another, right verses left, liberal verses conservative, the poor verses the rich.  I am asking all of us, are we not first and foremost Americans?  If the answer to that question for you is yes, then I am asking you to start asking your questions from a different point of view.  What is best for AMERICA, think of America as a single person, a single nation, a unified people.  If we began to see her as one, there would not be factions of black and white, rich and poor, left and right, we would all just want what was best for America.   How do "We The People" of the United States of America come together under one cause.  That cause is what makes America great, "Liberty"  This republic was created to insure that each one of us would be free to pursue or God given rights, to our life, liberty and (property) pursuit of happiness.  Our right to choose for ourselves how we will live, where we will live and what dreams we will pursue is the most valuable asset America has.  We are not only fighting against Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, but those people in both major political parties who have and continue to take our rights.

Both parties have been promising things to their constituents for years to stay in power.  Social Security has been raided for unconstitutional spending for years, while both major parties had control of Congress.  So I ask, Please stop looking at the "R" or the "D" or the "I", next to the name of a Candidate, Look at the principles and beliefs of the candidate running for office and Vote accordingly...