Sunday, August 8, 2010

Biblical Political World View by David Miller

There is a relationship that we as people have with God, which is that of individual freedom, to believe in Him, to follow Him, to obey Him or NOT,  It is our choice.

God does not make us do anything, however He does create an atmosphere in which we can live. God gives us oxygen, the sun, water and we are blessed by his protection of our human lives.

God does not take by force our possessions and give them to others. It is because of His goodness and our blessings, that we can choose to freely help others, when we find them in need.

God has established a system of truth, which we must adhere to or we will have consequences, such as gravity, we all know this to be true, if anyone of us jumped off the empire state building, we would die, gravity does not discriminate, neither does any of God’s other truths. Thou shall not steal, lie etc.

This is essentially the same relationship we are to have with our government. Our government was designed to be run by common laws “Laws of Nature” and not of men. Because the laws of God do not change, the whims of men do.

The Federal Government was established to secure our freedoms, our possessions from being taken from us by anyone, foreign or domestic. The fact that we could not be owned by another, well having to work until sometime in may, to pay for the expenditures of the federal government, so they can give our money to other people or nations, makes us slaves and is directly in contradiction to our founding principles.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness “ The original draft of the constitution, stated life, liberty and property. No other person has a right to the property of another, no matter what the cause. Just as you cannot go into another man’s home and take his things so you can pay for a critical surgery, the law of truth cannot be suspended for one man’s convenience.

The Truth that we have not kept; and why we have politicians in power, who do not hold to protecting the God given rights we have been given by God and our founding fathers.

That truth is, we have given our God given liberty over to the government and have asked them to do for us what we used to pray to God for; strength, courage, security, and provisions.

We were dependent upon God to be our provider, now we are dependent upon government for our security, “THEY” should provide, healthcare, childcare, a safety net, etc. Who are “THEY” ? If we allow the possessions of a man to be taken and given to another, for a cause, then we should not be surprised when it finally reaches us and we are asked to give for yet another noble cause.

As more and more people begin thinking, if “they” are getting something for nothing, that is not fair, where is my something, I don’t have to work for. So we all begin to produce less for ourselves and ask more from “others”.

Well the irony is, we are “they” the “others”. We are consuming ourselves…

If God is truly our provider, then why do we as believers continue to vote for people based upon their party affiliation, their chances of winning?

God will provide for us the right leaders, if we seek Him. We should be voting for people for how their beliefs line up with our biblical views, we should be voting for men who pledge to uphold truth and let God decide who wins.

To Hold up God’s Truths;

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  1. It is a lovely post, but I do have a question. Why do you not capitalize His pronouns? We used to do that all the time so we would be able differentiate Him from him or her. I guess it must have something to do with these new Bibles? ;)

    David is pro-illegal aliens, but that's the only thing I disagree with him. Besides that, I do not live in your district. I am stuck in CA-37 (Richardson, yuck!). Star Parker is who I am supporting. She is a wonderful woman and a Lady. Best of wishes to you!