Thursday, August 5, 2010

So-Called Conservatives

Why So-Called Conservatives are a bigger reason for the demise of our Republic, than progressives.   Our Republic stands at a time in history, not unlike 1776.  We must ask the question as the governed,  will we be a limited government, ruled by the governed or a stateist government, ruled by a class of people, ruled by men or ruled by law. 

The progressives have wanted for about 100 years to take us down the road to socialism, where the state controls the econmy through legislation and tax code.  Progressives are fighting for what they believe in.

The so-called conservatives like David Dreier; Dreier, has been in office for (30) thirty years, telling us how he is for limited government, but I think we have a different definition of limited government. He means smaller than the Democrats, smaller regulation, smaller or different targeted tax cuts or for a differnet special interest group.  When I mean limited government, I mean Constitutionally stated in the Constitution ~Article 1 Section 8, specific powers given to the Federal Government by the states, and the Bill of Rights; areas the Federal government cannot infringe upon.  

The so-called Conservative have been taking us down the same road, but at a slower pace.  Under the Republican Congresses, Social Security has been used to pay for big government programs, when in power they have run up our national debt, kept unconstitutional programs and departments.   So why do we believe their policies are any different, because it's for our friends or our special interest

The role of a Federal representative is to go to congress and defend our life, liberty and property from being taken for the benefit of another, and anytime we pass a law that favors one group over another, we are not following our Constitution as intended by our Founders.

We expect our enemy to be against us, but when those who call you a friend, but betray you and your values.

Well, as the saying goes, with friends like that, who needs Enemies


Here is David Drier's voting record...


Vote to pass a bill that provides assistance for anti-drug programs in Mexico and Central America through 2010 and authorizes $1.54 billion

Vote to pass a bill that allows the Secretary of the Treasury to purchase troubled assets from financial institutions, with a total outstanding balance of up to $700 billion

Vote to pass a bill that extends emergency unemployment compensation authorized by the Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2008 (HR 2642).

Vote to pass a bill that provides vouchers for trading in eligible older vehicles for new vehicles with better fuel efficiency. "Cash For Clunkers" 1 & 2

Extending Federal Emergency Unemployment Benefits and Providing Business and Homebuyer Tax Credits 

Maintains funding levels at $7.51 billion for 2009 to fund loans of up to $25 billion in total principal for automobile manufacturers and component suppliers 



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